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What If?
What If?
What if you never tried?
What if you never made the sacrifice?
What if you never said yes?
What if you never gave it your best?
What if you never loved back?
What if you never started when being nudged to begin?
What if you hadn’t made that mistake?
What if you hadn’t disciplined the kids when they were young?


Then you may never have:

Known it was possible.
Met that special someone.
Strengthened your character.
Experienced that deep relational connection.
Discovered your passions.
Learned better ways to succeed.
Or raised children who respected authority.

Don’t think of the consequences of, “What If I do?”
Rather, consider “What If I Don’t?!”

It’s not our job to determine what road is easier, for all too often that’s the road that leads to ordinary. It’s our job to … take risks with a balance of logic and faith. We need to live the optimistic life of “What If,” believing in the positive, the glimmer of hope, the belief in the unanswered prayer.

Today, take the road less traveled.

Be extraordinary!

Don’t think of the consequences of, “What If I do?”
Rather, consider  “What If I Don’t?!” 

You Are Loved Beyond Words!

Go Let Your Love Multiply! 

Phil Congelliere

Husband, father, friend, YouTuber, and Co-Founder of Love Multiplies: a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing assistance and encouragement to those walking the journey of infertility, adoption, and family building.

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  1. thank you for this its just what I needed to hear, we are walking through adoption in our 40’s after raising 5 of our own children.. Not because it’s what we wanted but because it’s what God called us to do.. It’s been so emotional and so painful, lots of “what if’s” but we keep going because God placed this precious baby in our home, in our lives, and in our hearts.. the adoption looks impossible at times, but God has used so many of our friends and family to encourage us.. Thanks for all you do Phil and Alex.. God bless

  2. Its really funny that you say “What if I do that?” because when I was younger I constantly questioned myself about what would happen if I did this or that thing, and it left me constantly holding back when I could have done so much more. Now I find myself asking “What if I don’t do this?” and its almost as bad, what if I can’t get through this, what if I fail at this, and it leaves me drained. I think I just need to remind myself to stop thinking in “what if’s” entirely and focus on what I can do and work through what I can’t.

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