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Phil And Alex Congelliere – Love Multiplies Family
Phil And Alex Congelliere – Love Multiplies Family

What started as a simple t-shirt design to raise awareness and funds for the adoption of our second daughter has turned into a non-profit organization! My wife, Alex, and I created Love Multiplies to become the resource center we never had.

Throughout our marriage, infertility, and adoption journeys, we’ve had countless moments of, “WOW! I wish someone had shared that with us!” or “Gosh, wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had ‘this’ or ‘that’?!”

“WOW! I wish someone had shared that with us!”

The truth is, it was a painful and often times lonely road for us. No matter how challenging it was, we felt called to live it out in the open hoping that someone, just one person or one couple, would experience hope, love, and community. We made it our ambition every day to grow closer together in our marriage and make sure that our situation didn’t rip us apart.

We are gathering our tips, tricks, and tools for you and your loved ones, and we are extremely excited to begin sharing them with you!

It is our ultimate dream to help you build the community you need, find the education to guide you, and to eventually gift financial resources to make dreams possible for those that it would otherwise be impossible to build their family.

Thank you for allowing us to bring love to your inbox and show you a consistent flow of encouragement and love.

Go Let Your Love Multiply! 

Phil Congelliere 

Phil Congelliere

Husband, father, friend, YouTuber, and Co-Founder of Love Multiplies: a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing assistance and encouragement to those walking the journey of infertility, adoption, and family building.

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  1. We heard your story and testimony on 700 Club. It was encouraging and enlightening. Nice to connect with someone who understands and feels the same pain , frustration and struggle . We too, feel so alone going through infertility for 8 years now. There were no medical reasons why I couldn’t get pregnant , my fertility specialist said , other than my age. Fortunately we had already given birth to 1 son when I was 37 after 1 year of trying and is healthy. We then tried to conceive for 8 years. I finally got pregnant after 5 years of trying but I miscarried. That in itself was another grieving process and letdown. We are heartbroken it has not happened again for us. Family and friends cant understand our pain unless they would have been through it. It’s like we’re alone and no one seems to care or realize that we still want more children even though I may be too old now to get pregnant. It is a dream of ours and it won’t go away . Some days I tell myself to just accept it the way things are and be content with what God gave me. I also went through fighting with God about adopting. Sometimes family members say things that are so unsupportive and negative. It’s a silent pain people like us go around with. We are open now to adopt but it seems scary and expensive. I have many feelings about that. Fear seems to keep me from moving forward. I can’t shake this dream though.

  2. Hi Alex and Phil, GREETINGS from my country Belize. I just came across your vblogs while recovering as I recently had surgery and had my left ovary removed which had a tumor which was caught while on the preparation for IVF. I am married to a wonderful Christian man and we love Jesus but have been struggling with infertility as well. I enjoy your videos and it brings me hope and peace to know that you guys are truly happy with your baby girls and still keeping your hope of God blessing you with a baby of your own. It’s good to see how much you keep God in your daily lives. God bless you all and thank you for sharing your love on your blogs. Let LOVE multiply.

  3. Hi Phil and Alex,
    Hello from all the way across to sea in England. I’ve been watching your Vlogs and found such hope and encouragement. We’ve been trying for so long and discovered I have a tumour (fibroid) blocking each fallopian tube so after years of trying naturally this came as a real blow. We’ve now set ourselves on the path to having ICSI which is going to be a long and scary road but your Vlogs offer so much comfort and support even when we’re so far away. Thank you for just being you and caring about everyone. God bless.

  4. My husband and I got married young, I was 19 and my husband was 21 and we started trying to conceive immediately after talking and agreeing that 5-6 kids was our dream family size! Perfect! It took us 4 years and an IVF trial and another year completely broke to naturally conceive our son. We have been married 11 years now and have 3 children total. I’ve been praying for 2 years now for a 4th child. I recently learned something, my eyes were opened and I can see that children are conceived, birthed, nursed and grown into little people but over and over again I am sad and asking the Lord for another, swollowed up by grief from not being able to plan to conceive and add to our family, it’s shown me that children do not fulfil the hole in my heart, the hole meant for the Lord. When I fill it with Him I am ok and glad and not grieving and able to be a good mother to my living children. But I am no better than the Israelites stuck in the desert, I forget where my focus should be and again and again I am grieving. I want to adopt but am afraid, even though Jesus was adopted, Esther was, Moses was too. We tried to adopt years ago but were apparently too young to qualify. Recently We started looking at adoption grants and Christian credit unions and Everlasting adoptions hoping for an infant. It’s just too scary, IVF didn’t work – it was $30,000. What’s to say adoption will be any different being about $30,000-$40,000?

  5. I posted on your blog once and made comment, I can’t remember how I did it so I thought I would try this last Sunday school March 18 and again today March 25. I ask them to pray for you and the child, you carry in your womb, we are all mostly 70 and above, we know Our Father is the creator of miracles, He only knows what is best for His children. When our daughter was carrying her first baby and problems arose during labor, I read an prayer in guide post from a grandmother, when her daughter was in labor her prayer, became my prayer, I prayed God, you know we want this baby, but we also want what you want, I prayed for the Doctors, nurses and all who were taking care of my daughter and the baby she was carring, that baby will celebrate his 25th birthday in may.God has given us all mircales He has intervened and protected His children, in ways we will never know, until we all get to heaven and what rejoicing we will do.I pray for you daily, you are awesome parents.I love to hear Phil pray he alwas blesses me. Your sister in Christ Nada

  6. I just came across your YouTube blog and was so touched by all that you are going through. My husband and I have gone down the same road of multiple IVF cycles. Most ended in failed cycles or miscarriages. We’ve done 11 IVF cycles. I will say to date I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children’s 1 (my 9yr old son who i only had a 13% chance of IVF working with) and my daughter (now 10m) who they said they were 90% sure my cycle was going to fail. All I am going to say is Never loose hope or faith. As long as you never give up it will happen. Feel free to message me if you need to talk or have any questions. IVF is a science and once they figure it all out and get a solid plan in place it will work. Good luck. I look forward to hearing your journey and hearing the wonderful news that you will be blessed in 2018.

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