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I hope that your Valentine’s Day was amazing and even left you with wonderful memories! Truth is, we all crave moments in our relationships filled with intentionality, thoughtfulness, sacrifice and quality time with our loved ones. I am a firm believer that just because February 14th has passed, it shouldn’t mean that the next wonderful day in your relationship has to be 364 days away. Here are three ways to keep the spark of love burning long past Valentine’s Day.

Just because February 14th has passed, it shouldn’t mean that the next meaningful day in your relationship has to be 364 days away.

Make Date Nights a Regular Occurrence

  • If you do date nights once in a blue moon, try and make them once a month!
  • Keep Date Night sacred by marking it on your calendar as an immovable date.
Allie Milot 458832
Allie Milot 458832

Spice Up The Dinner Table

  • Couples eat together, a lot. Every meal you enjoy together, you have an opportunity to dig in deeper than the typical, “how’s the food?”conversation.
  • Instead of talking solely about the food, or the day, talk about your hopes, fears, dreams, and challenges. Aside from being each other’s companion, partner, and confidante, you should also see yourself as their sounding board on all topics.
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Rawpixel Com 403494

Take Mental Notes

  • Keeping the spark of love burning long past Valentine’s Day becomes easier when you take mental notes of important conversations you’ve had throughout the year.
  • What did they say they wanted to do next time they had an uninterrupted day with you? What did they want to try next time at that restaurant? What was the movie they wanted to watch? What was that item in the window they passed by and cannot stop talking about?
  • If now is not the time to act on those mental notes, store them up for when the opportunity becomes available.
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Neonbrand 552919

Developing simple patterns like these in your marriage will bless you now and for years to come! I believe when you take the time and effort to infuse your relationship with sacrifice and intentionality, you can keep the flame burning, or even rekindle the love in your marriage. Together as a Love Multiplies community, let’s recognize the importance of loving others every day, not just once a year.


You Are Loved Beyond Words!

Go Let Your Love Multiply! 

Phil Congelliere

Husband, father, friend, YouTuber, and Co-Founder of Love Multiplies: a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing assistance and encouragement to those walking the journey of infertility, adoption, and family building.

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  1. Another great way to show your love through the year is doing thoughtful things that make each others day just a little better in whatever way you can. Simple things like notes in a packed lunch or surprise flowers or even just little comments can really improve someones day, and keep the love burning.

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