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Love Multiplies’ is an organization focused on becoming the most engaged and authentic community surrounding infertility, adoption, and loss. They provide education, community, and financial resources for those walking through the lonely, frustrating, and expensive journey of building a family.

Its founders, Phil and Alex Congelliere, never expected to walk the path of infertility. In 6 years of marriage, they have walked through male factor infertility, stage IV endometriosis, infertility surgeries and treatments, and two adoptions (2015 and 2016).

As a pastor and neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse, Phil and Alex began talking about their experience of infertility and their open adoption of their oldest daughter, Kinsley Grace, to their YouTube viewers. They shared the emotional, physical and spiritual highs and lows of their journey. They laughed, cried, celebrated and mourned with their new online family and discovered in so many ways that they were not alone.

In 2016, Phil and Alex adopted their second daughter, Callie Jo, through a birth-mom who discovered them on the internet. After such an amazing journey to become parents of two precious girls, Phil and Alex decided to venture back into the world of infertility treatments. In  July of 2017, Phil and Alex began a journey of building their family even further by pursuing IVF treatments.

In October 2017, Phil and Alex launched Love Multiplies in response to watching thousands of families struggle with the same pain and loss in the midst of growing their families. One in eight couples in the United States struggle with infertility, and yet it has been a conversation that most families, friends and couples don’t know how to have. Infertility can be a dark place where many live alone, with no one to turn to and not enough information to seek out alternative options.

Phil and Alex have blown the door wide open for this topic and offer their own experience as a starting point for others to share their story. From their success on their YouTube channels, Phil and Alex, and Phil and Alex Too!, and now through Love Multiplies, anyone can find encouragement through their own journey, realizing they, too, are not alone.

Walk with us. Tell us your story. Go let your love multiply. 


“Together, as a community, we will help people build families, and show them how to multiply their love.” – Phil


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