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New Year Text With Cookies On The Wooden Background
New Year Text With Cookies On The Wooden Background

‘Tis the season to Remember, Recharge and Renew! In our family, we spend time the week of Christmas and New Years intentionally focusing in these three areas. We want to be as ready as we can be the moment the clock strikes midnight and we turn over a new leaf into a New Year.

We take time at Christmas to write individual letters of remembrance for the blessings received and the lessons learned throughout the past year. No matter how difficult, we read them aloud  with our family, and yes, we do often shed a few tears. These letters usually will end on a positive note believing the year in front of us will be more fruitful than the one we are leaving behind.

Next, we also do our very best to recharge. Yes, there are holiday parties and get togethers of out of town relatives and friends, but we are ambitious in our efforts get some down time. Whether reading, hiking, or sipping hot cocoa over a 1,000 piece puzzle, it is critical to force ourselves to slow down, disconnect from technology and focus on the most important things that are often right in front of us. We aren’t perfect at it, but we are working on it because we know how vital it is to recharge so we will have the energy for the new starting line.


Lastly, we renew our hopes and dreams for the New Year. Goal setting is not only a great way to challenge yourself to improve, but accountability makes goal setting that much more powerful.

HERE ARE 4 CHALLENGES: (Feel free to choose one or do them all)

1. Write 5 things you are thankful for that happened in 2017.
2. Write an end of the year recap letter and store it in a safe place to re-read it the following year.
3. Try and spend more than a few hours over this next week doing something that re-charges you.
4. Set 10 goals for the New Year and share them with a friend.

DREAM BIG ABOUT 2018 & Go Let Your Love Multiply! 

Phil Congelliere 

Phil Congelliere

Husband, father, friend, YouTuber, and Co-Founder of Love Multiplies: a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing assistance and encouragement to those walking the journey of infertility, adoption, and family building.

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  1. I love your you tube channel and am thankful it exsists. Love Mulitplies is such a vital mission. We are a family with bio kids and adopted kids. I know your family is young with small children, so you might not have experence with pain and abondonment issues that children who are adopted go through when they are a little older. I am wondering if this is something you plan to touch on in the building stronger families side of Love Multiplies? We have been through a lot of this type of thing, and could have really used this type help in our family, and I don’t believe it’s ever to early, to prepare. Thanks in advance.

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