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Thank you for your generosity. Because of you, we can continue our work of encouraging, supporting and educating couples, families, and friends of those experiencing the pain and uncertainty of infertility and the journey of adoption.

April 2018

A Letter from our President and Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO),

I have wonderful news! On April 3, 2018 Love Multiplies, Inc became a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the IRS.

If you made a donation to Love Multiplies, Inc after July 3, 2017, it is now considered tax-deductible. We are sending out Statement of Giving Letters for gifts given to Love Multiplies, Inc in 2017 that would help you file your taxes this year. If you’ve already filed your taxes this year for the 2017 tax year, don’t fret. You can apply your 2017 Statement of Giving Letter for your 2018 taxes.

Thank you for letting your Love Multiply!


Phil Congelliere